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SCIENCE, directions of Research&Development

The following R&Ds are carried out by the IS staff:

  • Design, development and introduction for practical and research and educational needs:
    • Applied GIS and Decision Support Systems (DSS);
    • distributed and local databases;
    • Stand-alone computer systems (based on math models and databases);
    • Remote/Internet access to elements of GIS and DSS;
  • Development of math models (within the GIS-DSSs) for assessing influence of technogenic contamination on the population and environment, including:
    • Models for assessing contamination of the environment and doses to the population;
    • Models for radiological and ecological risk assessing;
    • Risk analysis and risk management;
    • uncertainty analysis.
  • Multicriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) for a wide range of applied problems;
  • Scientific and practical investigations on the basis of developed models and computer systems.

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