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"IS" DEPARTMENT, about speciality

What does "Information Systems" mean?

"IS" - is the field of science and technology. It includes the aggregate of means, methods and ways for creation and applying of systems of information gathering, transfer, storing and accumulating.

What will you become after graduation?

After successful presentation of a thesis all of the students take a degree of an engineer.

Period of studying.

According to State Educational Standard the period of education for "IS"-speciality takes 5 years.

What are the advantages?

Engineer for Information Systems perfectly:

  • works with modern computer technologies;
  • can plan and develop hardware-in-the-loop systems, install, tooling, attending up-to-date software products;
  • can apply DATA protection and security and communications security;

  • can properly organize information flows of the business;
  • can control information networks and communication systems;

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